How to do eyeshadow? Tips and tricks for women

Let’s face it, not every woman in the world knows how to do eyeshadow and they require the assistance of experts or even articles like this so they can do it on their own. Applying eyeshadow can create such a huge impact to the eyes and to the whole face as well. We all know that our eyes are the windows of our soul and if we speak of soul, we should think along the lines of “beautiful”, “glamorous” and can “speak on its own”.


If you wish to know how to eyeshadow, you should keep in mind to lower your expectations especiall if you’re a beginner. Expecting too much can cause frustrations which can lead to a lot of terrible things. You should know that even beauty experts are still struggling to make the application of eyeshadow perfectly even though most people think that what they’re doing is right. Always keep in mind that learning is a process and this applies to everything.


So, how to do eyeshadow? Here are some tips:


  • The key in applying eyeshadow is blending. Blending means you should use three different colors: light, medium, dark. Begin applying eyeshadow by starting light then go darker. Brush the base color to the entire eye up to the brow bone, apply the lid color which is the medium color and for the finale, the highlighter which is the darkest color. Keep your hand light when doing this.
  • Choose eyeshadow colors that will make the color for your eyes pop. That is why it is very important that you blend the color or your eyes to the color of the eyeshadow that you will be using. You can also contrast the colors as this can make your eyes pop.
  • You should always remember that you should not apply deep color to your brow bone. Don’t create too much drama on your eyes especially if you’re just going to an event! If you are applying a deep color to your brow bone, make sure that you’re attending a photo shoot for a magazine cover.
  • How to do eyeshadow is pretty easy and you must not forget that highlighter can either make or break the look you want to achieve. When you are applying dark shadow to the crease of your eye, always be careful to blend only on the outside edge. Get to close to the eye and you’ll cause your eyes to look teeny and beady.
  • Another tip is that you should set shadow with a great base. Primers are the trend right now as these helps set makeup that can stay onh for hours.
  • If you like shimmer, make sure that you don’t have wrinkles! Yes, yes, we know that shimmer can make the eyes pop but it can also highlight heavy lids, lines and wrinkles. So, if you really want to go for this look, you have to make sure that your whole face especially the skin around the eyes is flawless. But if you are one of the many blessed women who don’t have wrinkled eyelids, make a nude lid but apply a bit of gold shimmer to your browbone and you’re all set! Look at the mirror and look at that pretty girl staring at you with beautiful, inviting to do eyeshadow
  • So, smokey eyes are so in at the moment but keep it to the lid. Keep the color to the lid just under the lower lashline. Never extend color above the crease.
  • Get a good eyeshadow! Learning how to do eyeshadow can also be accomplished if you have a great eyeshadow which simply means you have to shell out a few cash to get a good quality eyeshadow.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to have the best eye makeup remover to rid yourself of all the eye makeup you put after a long day or night!